Under 12 years of age
All Children's Menu are Served With Salad & Wedges
  Fish 13.90
  Chicken Nuggets 13.90
  Calamari 13.90


  A selection of desserts available from 8.90
  Banana Split with the topping - Two scoops of vanilla frozen ice cream nestled between a fresh split banana. Served with a selection of toppings ( Strawberry, Caramel or Chocolat)   8.9
  Nut Sundae with your choice if topping - Sundaes are made with a rich creamy vanilla ice cream, covered in your choice of chocolate, caramel or strawberry topping and crowned with rich whipped cream and nuts.   8.9
  Banana Fritter with ice cream - Banana Fritters are deep fried, made with split banana, served with rich and creamy vanilla ice cream   8.9
  Affogato - Traditional Italian espresso-based dessert, perfect smooth ice cream, drowning in a shot of Espresso and Baileys.   16.9
  *Prices are subject to change.